Let’s talk about Marketing 3.0. Successful campaigns. (Part IV)

There’s nothing like tangible results to explain theoretical concepts. Let’s review which brands are embracing Marketing 3.0 and how they have revolutionized marketing with their strategies.


This remarkable brand embraced the new trend and has done campaigns focused on social impact. In 2013 the company created the strategy “Coca-Cola Small World Machines- Bringing India and Pakistan Together”, which basically connected Indian and Pakistani citizens through a soda dispenser machine. The video is on YouTube: when you go watch it please appreciate how the campaign takes advantage of the politic-economic rivalry between both countries (global issue) to better engagement the consumer.

More recently Coca-Cola surprised us with a campaign against racism. “Throughout our history we have always been optimistic and this is what we want to communicate by promoting diversity and inclusion”. The brand explained. “Our history is based on the commitment of unifying people and communities”.

 Toms Shoes

This brand represents the whole concept of Marketing 3.0 and more. Its complete business model is based on the 3.0 definitions. Toms Shoes advocates for creating an entrepreneurship based on social issues that benefit millions of people. The campaign “one for one” is its main value: with the purchase of a pair of shoes you are giving away another pair for a child in need. Toms Shoes’ strategy goes the extra mileas they work with local artisans and vendors of communities they benefit in the elaboration of shoes. So these communities also grow economically, creating more jobs and promoting the local talents.


Unilever is currently working so that millions of kids and communities around the world have access to water. This company thought: what are we doing selling products of personal care when there are millions of people who don’t have access to a shower? Unilever is thinking about their future consumers: children; and how they can help them live a better life. That’s why they have created the campaign: “Bright Future”.

Other 3.0 campaigns

Several brands are following business models similar to Tom’s, like Thrive Market that defines itself as the “first socially conscious online store offering the world’s best selling natural and organics products”. Its mission is to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. That’s why they donate a free membership to a low-income family, teacher, veteran or student every time a person gets one.

Even in the fashion industry there are brands embracing Marketing 3.0, such as Peuterry, that stands against shallow designer brands with its slogan: truth, honesty and purpose. There are other fashion brands making the difference by being cruelty-free and child labor free. Two topics that have decreased some fashion brands’ income in the past years.

The 3.0 consumer exists, he/she is in charge of the world and is demanding more from brands. Name them whatever you want to: Millennial, Generation Y or Z. The truth is the world has changed, people have evolved and they’re not willing to accept more lies, dishonesty and beyond that, they’re not willing to accept that brands don’t care about how they think or feel. People are waiting for the brands to conquer them and tell them what’s the next thing they are willing to do for them and for the world.





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