Do yourself a favor: Go to a Gay Pride Parade!

One of the most amazing experiences I have had in New York City so far was going to the Gay Pride Parade. A beloved friend of ours invited us to be part of the Univision float. I liked the idea and felt really motivated to discover a new adventure. Nothing I had ever imagined could beat what really happened.

Before going on the float, we saw the parade from 35th street. Happiness started getting contagious. I saw a big float representing Latin American countries and saw my Venezuelan flag waving for gay pride. People from, literally, everywhere smiling and making eye contact (something really hard to get from someone in this city). They were laughing, joking, dancing and celebrating love.

Once on the float we started feeling like pop stars, music was loud and song after song we were getting more free, happier and shameless to let our true spirit come out. Then, the journey began from 33th St to 8th St. More than 25 blocks of love demonstration.

I must say “love” was the constant emotion during the parade. What first started as a fun parade, soon became the largest, multicultural expression of love and energy I have ever felt in my life. I understood what the true meaning of Gay Pride was. We were celebrating love at its highest level.

The energy was incredible, you could feel it, people from all over the world smiling at you, dancing and being happy. What a wonderful feeling! Such beautiful energy. I felt so blessed that all I can do is suggest everyone go to a Gay Pride parade at least once. You won’t regret it, you will feel loved and entirely accepted no matter your race, nationality, gender, skin color or sexual preference.

So please, do yourself a favor and go at least once to a Gay Pride Parade. You have no idea what love and its energy can do for you. You will feel free to be entirely yourself and everybody is going to love you anyways.

“At the end is LOVE what truly matters”/ “LOVE is LOVE”/ “Stand for diversity, stand for LOVE”/ “LOVE always WINS”


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