Waking up early changed my life

I have been waking up early in the morning and it has been a blessing. Since I arrived from my trip to Europe, I have been waking up at 5 or 6am and I have realized all the things I have been able to do before going to work.

I used to wake up an hour before going to work, I bathed, dressed and off I go! Now, if I wake up at 6am I have time to go to the gym, work on my personal projects, read, meditate, bathe, prepare the daily meals and go to work. It’s amazing what this change of routine has meant to me.

Why wake up early?

Since I do it I feel I can do more things that I like, like reading that book that I haven’t had time to read or listening to music. Sometimes we are so involved in our daily routines that we forget to do things that enrich our soul and feeding the soul is super important because it is what keeps us focused on ourselves, which prevents us from feeling sad, angry, depressed and even sick.

Think of everything you are putting off every day that would make you happy, like learning to play that instrument you’ve always wanted to play or plan that vacation to Hawaii. Having time to do things that feed your soul is wonderful. You can exercise and even learn how to meditate if you still don’t know. You also feel energized to face the rest of your day.

I encourage you to make a small challenge, even if you think all this seems a little crazy, start by removing half an hour to your alarm in the morning. Wake up half an hour early and do something you like, choose those 30 minutes to be with yourself and do something you’ve always wanted but “you never have time” to do.

Do it for 7 days and write down how it goes, document how you felt and what you did during each day.

I’m thinking of making more videos like this, to tell you ways to be more productive or take time for yourself during the day. I think I’ll do it soon and I’ll also talk about self-love that is part of my 360beauty concept.

Until then.




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