2 Rituals for the Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

I spent the whole week wondering everywhere what would be a good ritual for the lunar eclipse today, Friday July 27, 2018, which will be the longest eclipse of the year and which some have called “blood moon” or “red moon” due to the reddish color that is going to acquire by the proximity of the atmospheric elements of the Earth. As my search was not entirely fruitful, I decided to create my own rituals.

I have designed two rituals taking into consideration the axes of this full moon: Aquarius and Leo. As each sign attracts different energies to integrate, I will do one ritual for the Aquarian energies and another for the Leo energies.

Full Moon Ritual in Aquarius:

If you have the sun or the moon in Aquarius or maybe you have it as ascendant or on Venus, then this ritual is for you.

Aquarius is a sign that connects us with the universal cosmic through arts. With Aquarius, we discover how to place our purpose in the service of the collective.

With that in mind, you will prepare an altar on the floor, where you will include the four elements: water, earth, fire, and air. To symbolize water, you can place holy water or rose water; for air, you can use incenses, sage or palo santo; for earth, you may use stones or flowers and for fire, a candle. You will then connect with your own being by closing your eyes and visualizing a blue light that crosses your entire spine, from the root and then joins the head by the neck and leaves the crown of the head. At that moment you will ask yourself what is your life purpose and how can you put it at the service of the collective. You will hear the answer. Feel how you are a being connected with the whole and how the universe lives within you. Connect with your dream of the heart, with that desire that lives within you. When you feel ready open your eyes and write or draw what you felt, what you saw. This visualization can be done in silence or with background music that inspires you.

Lunar Eclipse Ritual Aquarius-Leo axis:

If you have the Sun / Moon / Ascendant / Venus in Leo this ritual is for you.

Leo is the sign of self-love and lately, with so much planetary movement, it is possible that these issues of self-esteem have surfaced. Real love starts from within. We cannot wish that someone else loves us if we do not love ourselves.

That’s why this ritual invites you to connect with the purest love: self-love. In a pot you will put water, rose (or coconut) oil, rose petals, honey, cinnamon and some sweet fruit like strawberry or grape (crushed). You will pour the water into the bathtub and immerse yourself in it for at least 20 minutes. It is recommended to light candles or incense around. You can also play music. While you are submerged, say nice things like: “I love myself, I thank myself, I forgive myself, I recognize myself”. Congratulate yourself for all the challenges you have overcome. Be thankful for your family and friends who love you. Understand that you are your own source of love and as such you must show how much you love yourself.


Happy energy of Lunar Eclipse!





Bonus: Here is my playlist of Self Love – Own Love to listen all day and connect with the good vibes of this eclipse.


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