360 Beauty

360 Beauty is the combination between inner beauty and outer beauty, the perfect balance. When you feel beautiful 360, you feel good inside and out. When you achieve that balance your eyes reflect your internal and external brightness.

It is said easy, but it is not so easy to achieve it. In fact, every day we are facing the challenge of feeling beautiful 360. Because sometimes it happens that we feel beautiful on the outside but inside, when we check, turns out we are not as good as it seems. Beauty encompasses much more than aesthetics, to be beautiful inside we need to be at peace with ourselves. We need to feel secure about ourselves. Therefore, 360 beauty is not a concept that remains merely in the decorative, ornamental-beautifying.

Being beautiful 360 is a lifestyle, a mental state, which also aims to be cyclical like women, because it forms a circle of 360. It is about knowing yourself beautiful in all its splendor. The practice to feel this way is daily, arduous and continuous. That’s why I have tried to summarize some tips to help you feel beautiful every day inside out.


External beauty tips:


Natural beauty


  1. Make an inventory of the products that you are putting on your body (shampoo, conditioner, body cream, face cream, deodorant, makeup). Ask yourself if you have ever worried about knowing what kind of ingredients you are smearing on your skin or hair. Are they toxic ingredients? Does the shampoo have harmful salts for your hair? Does the cream contain acids that do not match your skin type? Most of the time we get carried away by advertising and we go out buying the first thing we see that our favorite blogger or youtuber recommended, but the truth is that all skins are different, and the worst thing is that we spend huge amounts of money to hurt our skin. It does not sound logical, right? If you really want to offer the best to your body, start by paying attention to the ingredients of the cosmetics you use.
  2. The main thing to change is the shampoo / conditioner. Make sure you buy shampoos that do not contain sulfate, parabens or panthenol.
  3. Buy deodorants without aluminum. You have no idea how harmful this element is to our body, and the worst thing is that we put it close to our breasts! Which is such a delicate part of our health.
  4. Replace body lotions with chemicals for essential oils such as coconut or almond oil. They are more moisturizing and leave skin super soft. Discover also the benefits of these oils to heal problems of insomnia, body aches and indigestion, among others.


We are what we eat. We have heard this infinitely, truth is that in order to achieve that 360 beauty we must be coherent with both what comes out of our mouth and what comes in. Obviously, that includes a balanced diet that makes you feel good about yourself and gives you the nutrients you deserve.


  1. Check your diet.
  2. Change your eating patterns.
  3. Check which food is good for you and which isn’t, which doesn’t tolerate your body or which food makes you feel inflamed. This is trial and error.
  4. Are you staying hydrated? Drinking water has multiple benefits as you should already know.

Internal beauty tips:


  1. Gratitude: Practice being grateful every day. When you get up, go to bed, at any time of the day, make a strategic stop and give thanks for being alive and breathing, for the people you have around you, your family and friends. You will always find something to be grateful for in your life.
  2. Journal / Lunar Journal: a personal journal is always recommended to monitor and keep track of your emotions daily. It’s a way to get to know you better. I recommend keeping a lunar journal, especially for women because this way we know what moon affects us more or what patterns repeat with the moon transit in each star sign or phase.
  3. Meditation: try to meditate every day, at least 5 minutes. It is important to have a space of silence where we can be with ourselves and try to connect with that universal energy that always gives us the best answers. In addition, this practice decreases stress and improves our concentration.
  4. Hunting (not animals but yourselves): Practice having coherence with yourself in thought, word and deed. Try to hunt the negative thoughts that daily come out of your mind and your mouth. Stop them so you can improve your path towards impeccability and congruence with what you want to achieve and project.
  5. Rituals: rituals are not sorcerers, they are activities that we perform to strengthen the symbolism of an episode of our life, a cycle closure or simply the desire to achieve something. A ritual can be to make a list of intentions in New Moon, or simply take a bath for an hour with candles around you while visualizing the dreams and goals you want to achieve.

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